These have been a long time in the making, and I am happy to announce they are now available!
This is a shoulder harness built to carry your edge tools. I am calling it the Universal Blade Rig. These are a great way to carry either knives or tomahawks underarm. It is fairly universal as the snaps are attached via screws to the sheath. The pull the dot snaps means it stays in place until you want to remove the sheath. 
These will work best on pancake style sheaths where the snaps can be attached to the non edge side of the sheath. This helps keep the sheath from twisting.

It is completely  ambidextrous and can worn on either the left or right side.

These are 100% made in the USA!

​Standard Universal Rig

Single side carry

Price - $75 + $10 Priority sh 

International shipping available for extra.

The Universal Blade Rig

Now Available in a Double sided option. 

The Double Universal Rig can carry on Both sides, or just one side with the included adapter.

​See Video for details.

Double Rig price $85 + $10 priority sh.

Double Rig