Wingman persian fighter

Available with false or sharp top edge

​$450 w/ a kydex sheath + sh

MORE model info coming soon. Browse my gallery for more blades!

Wingman V2

Available with a sharp or false top edge. 

$450 w/ kydex sheath + sh

Wingman Tanto

$395 w/ a kydex sheath + sh

Persian knife
CPM 3v trailing point

7" Ronin Tanto

Wingman Trailing point

$395 w/ a kydex sheath + sh

CPM 3v and Tero tuf
Hartsfield style kwaiken

Ronin Tanto/wakizashi

I offer these in most any length. up to about a 16" blade.

They feature titanium guards (tsuba) and a copper seppa.

CPM 3V blade with my custom high performance heat treat and cryo.

Pricing starts at $750

The "Wingman" lineup

This is my newest EDC model, that can fill a number of roles.

I offer it in four blade styles right now. These all have CPM 3V blade steel with my custom/high performance heat treat and cryo protocol. 

These are all 7 1/4" oal with a 3 1/2" blade tip to handle.

Tero tuf handle scales are standard, with either smooth or scalloped texture.

4" Kraiken starting at $400

5" kraiken starts at $425

Custom tanto
CPM 3v and tero tuf tanto

The Kraiken

This is my most popular model by far. It razor sharp blade makes for a great edc/defense blade. I offer it in three lengths, 4", 5" and 6". 

These are about .220" thick
CPM 3V steel with my custom high performance heat treat and cryo.

16" Ronin Wakizashi

Custom wakizashi